3D Printed Implant Surgical Guides

 August 19, 2015
Turnaround Time - 4 Days
  1. Review the Scan to Guide Protocol.
  2. Complete and sign the Surgical Guide Consent Form.

Our staff has been trained to digitally treatment plan your implant case.  Once the patient’s CT scan has been imported into Implant Studio we digitally position your implants.  Our software allows us to see final restoration contours during the treatment planning phase, therefore taking esthetics and function of teeth into consideration along with patient bone structure.

We provide our client with a comprehensive treatment plan report that we ask clients to review and approve prior to continuing the guide fabrication.  Once the treatment plan is finalized and approved we print the guide using extremely accurate Stratasys Printers, and subsequently secure the titanium sleeves into the guide.

We are capable of producing guides for edentulous and non-edentulous patients.

Our guides are affordably priced and fixed price regardless of the number of implants.  Please call our implant department to discuss your next guided case, or email us at info@oralartsdentalcr.com

Accurate: Implant placement for maximum precision
Quick: 4 day turnaround with doctor approval of treatment planning
Affordable: Fixed price regardless of number of implants

Required Case Material
  • Materials needed: Impression or model
  • If using an IOS, the digital scan file is needed instead of impression or model
  • CBCT scan
  • Signed and completed Surgical Guide Consent Form
  • Safe, accurate, predictable
  • Less Chair Time
  • Higher Success Rate
  • Faster patient recovery time
  • Optimize location and angulations
  • Determine if bone graph or sinus lift is warranted
Five Dimensions of Implant Planning
  • Bucco-Lingual
  • Mesio-Distal
  • Depth
  • Bone Density
  • Angulation