Oral Arts Custom Abutments

 July 27, 2015
Turnaround Time - 4 Days

Oral Arts custom abutments provide ideal margins, gingival contours, and emergence profiles for cement retained restorations. Our custom abutments are a preferred choice for difficult scenarios such as extreme angulation of the implant or when the implant depth is too far subgivingal. Prescribing an Oral Arts custom abutment allows esthetic requests to be obtained and is comparable in price to stock abutments.

All abutments are available in titanium, gold hue, or zirconia.

  • Compatible with most implant platforms
  • Provides ideal margins, gingival contours, and emergence profiles
  • Ideal for difficult cases
  • Cement-retained restorations
  • Screw-retained restorations
Completing the RX
  1. Indicate which implant system you are prescribing.
  2. Select the type of abutment you are using for this case.
  3. Indicate the emergence profile used for this restoration.
  4. Please provide measurements for abutment margin depths.
Compatible Implant Systems

Custom Abutments

Atlantis Authentic

BioHorizons Authentic

Nobel Biocare Authentic

Straumann Authentic