Diagnostic Wax-up

 September 20, 2013

It can be difficult to communicate to your patients exactly what you have planned for their total smile restoration. Diagnostic Wax-ups can become a key tool in your overall case planning and communication. And the beautiful wax-ups created by the artisans at Oral Arts Costa Rica will show your patients exactly what you have in mind and increase the acceptance rate of your planned treatments.

Beyond patient communication, Diagnostic Wax-ups are invaluable for their ability to help when considering bite relations, occlusal schemes and vertical and horizontal planes.

Turnaround Time - 4 Days
The Diagnostic Wax-up assists in fabricating a smile that assures predictability in the mouth. It also allows careful evaluation of function, anterior guidance and cuspid rise. Even more important, it is a vital communication tool serving as a check on case fabrication for both dentist and technician.

Required Case Material
  • Full arch upper and lower impressions or models
  • Bite registration
  • Crowns, Veneers, Bridges, Full Arches
Preparation Requirements
  • Patients can see a preview of their case before it is completed; Visibly shows changes such as gingival re-contouring, crown length, anatomy and occlusion
  • Chairside temporaries can be made when used as a putty matrix
  • Improved preparation design when using clear thermoformed prep guide